Our founder Natalie Rowland is a Sophomore at the College of William & Mary who wanted to combine her love of music in general and the ukulele in particular with her desire to help others.  From a very young age, Natalie has been an enthusiastic volunteer for the many charities her church and schools have supported.  

Having witnessed many of her previously un-musical friends and family members quickly master the ukulele, she knew this little instrument was somehow magical and that she could easily teach others to enjoy it as much as she does.  She takes her ukulele everywhere she goes and it never fails to bring a smile to those in close proximity.

In addition to her work with Heartstringz, Natalie conducts a free ukulele circle once a month. She serves as the Music Chairperson at her church and she regularly sings and plays during services. She has played in her school’s drama productions and at school fundraisers.  

When she’s not singing and writing music, she bakes birthday cakes for her friends. She fulfilled her vow to make a cake for every member of her senior class of 2017 (follow this adventure on Instagram @natmakescakes).  Prior to graduation from Chaminade High School, she was chosen to receive the prestigious Marie-Therese de Lamourous award which "...recognizes a student who, throughout her/his four years at Chaminade, has demonstrated a passion for social justice and has worked to improve the lives of the student body and the larger community through education, advocacy, and works of social action."

She recently gave a TEDx Talk at William & Mary, which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oEpR3UPLz8