The Heartringz Foundation Announce Campus Chapters

BIG news for the expansion of the Heartstringz Foundation! We will now have Heartstringz Chapters at various locations and schools. Since I started this organization in high school, all of my volunteers were my close friends from my school. Now most of us are in college and wanted to bring Heartstringz with us. Each volunteer will now be the director of their chapter, implementing the Hearstringz mission in their own unique way.

Our volunteers and their upcoming chapters: 
Patrick Rowland and Ashley Lee: Chaminade College Preparatory Chapter
Carly Placencio and Bryce Shirley: UC Davis Chapter
Aisha Gupta: UCLA Chapter
Sam Bloomfield: Scripps College Chapter
Erin Redor: LMU Chapter 
Natalie Rowland: William and Mary Chapter

In the future, we would like to have chapters all over in which anyone can start! Thank you all for your support.


Tax Exempt Status

Our next step is to file for tax exempt status with the IRS.  This will allow your donations to be tax deductible.  The waiting time can be long but the good news is that the IRS allows your donations to be tax deductible up to 27 months after we file for our 501(C)(3) status.  So bring it on!